Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hungry wolf

It may look dangerous at first sight, but let’s come closer and listen…
Whatcha gotta in the basket??? Gimme, gimme, pliiiiz...

Yap, he doesn’t seem ferocious any more (grey wolf felt brooch simply can't be ferocious). Let’s see if we can discover, what he ate lately…

Sorry for blurry image, but I have only an out-of-date RTG device.

Bean! That’s all! Poor, starving creature. Maybe that nice little girl in red will invite him to party. 
I'm graceful dancer! Really!

I heard the Bears Brothers are coming!
There is no party without pair of bears...

 P.S. Autumn is sooo close...


  1. Oh no! Only one lousy bean. Cute little wolf story.

  2. sweet story -- and it's so damn hot here I'll take fall right now!

  3. love that wolf! I would feed him more than one little bean tho...just not the little girl.

  4. that little wolf is so charming :)