Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Space monkey

As I mentioned before, pink monkey isn’t the biggest weirdo in its family. In their on-tree house You would find some exceptional souvenirs inherited from uncleJimmy. Those objects, treated with love and care, are real treasures. Lets look at them. In the central part of the house, often decorated with flowers, stays bust of uncle Jimmy. But what is worthy of note, is the space suit, in which he is presented. 

Some would say “he was an eccentric with excess of ambition”. Be careful with quick and unfair opinions! In family album You can make further interesting discoveries, like those two photos:

Here uncle Jimmy watches launch of a rocket. As the note on the other side of photo explains – he was on the way to a gym, just a week before his own launch. I couldn’t find who was in the rocket, but last words on the photo: “Farewell, dear friend”, indicate that fly to the stars wasn’t successful.

Second picture is really extraordinary – monkey on some celestial body, probably Moon. Actually, this photo is well known for those, who are seriously interested with space conquer. It was studied thousands times, often with highly specialized tools. You wonder why? Here is the answer: some people claims this photo as a fake! Human envy has no limits! But to stay honest, I feel myself obliged to refer their charges and responses on them:

Q: Jimmy supposed to be alone on the Moon, so who took the photo?
A: self-timer

Q: Why flag is waving? It shouldn’t
A: It’s not waving, it was shaped that way

Q: Why sun is so close? It shouldn’t be
A: Optical illusion

Q: There is something very wrong with shades and perspective, some bad graphic designer had to draw it on Earth
A: Optical illusion

Jimmy had one answer for all those unbelievers - "I was there!"