Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Surreal bistro

When I saw „Slow bistro” by Ivan Maximov few months ago, I was astounded. What a strange kind of imagination, I thought. It's weird but warm and has something in common with 19th-century Russian novels. Same absurd, same „rank system”, where individual means nearly nothing. Humorous, but without nasty remarks. Actually, there is more sympathy and compassion for those little creatures. At least I feel so while watching. I was also surprised to discover that the film was shot in 2003. Those situations, behaviors are sooo “socialist”. You can see many similar scenes in Bareja’s films or Czech comedies (though I’m not sure if they are understandable outside post-Communist block). One more thing that I should mention about is that music was made by Felix Lahuti


By the way, did You know that word "bistro" came from Russian "quickly"?
Here is Maximov's web site and his Youtube channel

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